Last weekends of your life

I had a scary thought. How long do we actually live? We might be living much shorter time than we think and I’m going to prove it to you.

As average humans we sleep almost or more than 1/3 of our lives..! Yes that’s correct 1/3 (most probably more than that).  So even if you live 90 years you will only see 60 years of it..!!

We all have jobs (sorry if you are unemployed. Trust me you will get there) and we spend most of our adult life working (unfortunately). If we assume we have the whole weekend for ourselves from age of 18 to 60 we have 42 years.

An year is 52 weeks and that means we have

22*42 =  2184 weekends to enjoy

Mind you this is an overly optimistic estimate leaving out your sick days, social obligations and household chores and many many other things. I did not count the weekends after 60 for obvious reasons. You might probably be retired by then and will not have the strength you once had to pursue what you want.

So how many have we already spent? Work five days and resting all weekend to compensate that… is that all worth it? By the time you get off this hamster wheel you will already be too old.

I know I have already wasted considerable amount. I need to plan my weekend.

Now all I can hear is ..tick .. tock … tick.. tock

See you in my next post.


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