How to be tech savvy

Start using keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard short cuts are one of the easiest ways to boost your productivity and get things done faster. The faster you can get things done using a computer you are one step closer to being tech savvy. Read this article to find new tools to boost your productivity.


Use the internet to your advantage (apart from watching cat videos)

One word .. “Google”. Internet is absolutely filled with resources on any topic. Before you say you can’t figure it out just Google it. Are you getting a strange error message? bug? or computer gets stuck every time you going to do some specific task? Jump online and just Google.

Learn to keep your computer junk free and secure

PCs are just like humans (most of the time ;)) they need attention and care. If you don’t do the necessary maintenaces now the results can be disastrous. Since we are on the topic how to be tech savvy, what is more tech savvy than being able to solve your own computer issues?

  • Learn to use an antivirus software and a cleaner software. There are great free antivirus and adware and spyware cleaners. Avast, AVG, SpyBot and CCleaner to name a few.
  • Learn to be careful when you are installing new software. Specially for windows most of the free software now come up bundled with unwanted adware or some bloatware.

See an example here.


Avoid the unnecessary adware simply reading what’s on your screen. Just select do not accept and uncheck the box for “yes. I’d love to checkout the download”. This will not affect your final installation. If you need more information please leave a comment I will be happy to help you out.

Start using a better browser

We all browse the internet (you are reading this .. aren’t you). It has become the source for entertainment, education and much more. An old internet browser will significantly degrade your experience. It will also be a potential security risk. Try to use a modern browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera and by all means stay away from notorious Internet Explorer.

Try and learn a programming language

This is the ultimate goal of being tech savvy. While it is not necessary it doesn’t hurt to learn the basics of a programming language. See my post about advantages of learning a programming language.

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