5 reasons why you should learn to code

1. Coding trains your brain to think logically

Coding is a very logical exercise. It fires your logical thinking and helps your brain to get use to it. Like every muscle in the body even the brain can be trained. More logical work you take more logical your thinking will become.

2. You start to see new opportunities

Those little inconveniences you were used to suddenly now can become a new business idea. Let’s not forget that technology is one of the fastest ways to get rich beyond your widest dreams. I’m not saying you should do this because you want to get rich but there is always that possibility. Even if you don’t become the next billionaire, you will be able to send a request to your IT department to automate your repetitive tasks.

3. You learn to ask right questions and get the right answers

Coding requires you to ask lot of questions and get the right answers. When you are coding for someone else you need to know what exactly they need. Just asking questions wouldn’t be enough, getting the right answers becomes your responsibility. The reason for this is most of the time event your client wouldn’t know what exactly you need.

4. You will be able to communicate better

When you learn to code you tend to look at a problem in a different way or in all possible angles. Your systematic approach will improve the way you communicate with your colleagues. Your outgoing emails will start to become more structured and your presentations will stay to the point. In simple terms if you understand the mechanics of your car it will be easer to tell your mechanic what is wrong and understand his feedback .

5. You begin to value data

The world we living is obsessed with data and there is always more connections to be made and issues to be solved. You will begin to understand the bigger picture and how the data is stored, used and can be manipulated for your advantage.
Bonus – You will know how to code and that is great

Last but not least you will be able to code. You will be able to create something of your own and perhaps something useful to others and that is a handy skill to have.

What do you think about learning to code? Is it worth the effort? Please share your thoughts in comments below.

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